Meet Auntie Maureen

Dear diary,

This article first appeared in Walthamstow’s monthly listing magazine the E-list here:  It seems a grand way to introduce everyone’s favourite Auntie.


E-list: How long you have lived in Walthamstow?

A: Auntie took up residence on April 1st 1932.  It was a dull day.


E-list: What do you like about living here?
A: The geese are delightful, the pubs are half decent, sausages are handmade and have you noticed how local people have a veritable creative streak?
E-List: Tell us about something or somewhere in Walthamstow we should know about, but maybe don’t.

A: For quality Yardley hair brilliantine and quintessentially English Rose fragrances there is only one place to shop for a local lady.  I send for all my beauty products from D. P. Marks near the Clock Tower on the High Street.  Plus their moth balls work a treat!


E-List: Name one thing you would like to see happen in the area in the next five years?
A: I would like to see the re-introduction of horse-drawn carriages.  Otherwise an art-deco inspired picture house would be delightful instead.


E-List: Tell us about your shop?
A: The menswear outfitters I keep inside Penny Fielding Gallery & Interiors is the ONLY emporium in Walthamstow devoted to our local discerning chaps.  It stocks heritage clothing and accessories, scents, collectibles, handmade, bespoke products and other useful, quaint man thingies.  It is called The Gentleman’s Closet, it is in a closet and it curates local makers and designers who champion quality materials and British manufacturing.  Quite a proud, but small place.
E-List: You always wear fantastic vintage clothes, when and why did you start wearing them?
A: I put them on first thing in the morning.  Don’t you?  It is best to cover up…
E-List: What’s you’re favourite period for women and men’s fashion?
A:  The fashion houses currently are alive with the gorgeous drape of bias cut crepe-de-chine dresses, architectural hats, lovely silk seamed stockings.  And chaps are looking dapper in the quality and comfort of their tweed jackets, plus fours and then calf socks.  I mean calf socks!  I predict 1937 is going to see a very steamy summer.
E-List: Vintage is not just about looking backwards is it, how do you feel it relates to the modern world?
A: Beauty really is a thing of the past.  It is all about timeless style, quality and grace.  Besides, who wants to have to deal with all this new-fangled modernity anyway?  It is just too confusing.
E-List: You are originally from The Netherlands, is the Vintage scene a distinctly English phenomena? And if not where else can it be found?
A: I have heard there are a good many vintage vineyards in France as well, no?
E-List: You are also a DJ, tell us what to expect when Auntie Maureen spins the disks?
A:  Should you chance upon Auntie the cranky spinster and her gramophone, expect to hear copious amounts of crackle, hiss and pop.  That back-to-back with the Hokey Cokey, the Lambeth Walk plus the Conga for your dancing feet pleasure.


E-List: At Halloween you organised a secret candle lit midnight supper at The Table on the marshes by Coppermill Lane in London.  Have you got a future plans for similar events?
A: There may be well be more impromptu midnight suppers by candlelight at The Table for a pagan summer solstice.  Otherwise Auntie will feed the good people of Waltham Forest at her Gourmet Food Fair during, a new London food affair taking place on Saturday 29th June 2013.
E-List: Finally if you could have lived through any year in the past 100 which would it be and why?
1932 was a very good year for ladies crossing the Atlantic.  Like Amelia Earhart I would have willingly dare-devilled my way across the waters in a solo airplane.  You see, I belief I look quite fetching in goggles!



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