Image by Colin Coutts

BROWN PAPER BAG’s collection of handpicked, classic vintage men’s wear pieces as well as collectible lifestyle objects have for the last two years been available for retail at vintage fairs, socials and pop-up shops. The time has come to set up permanent home.

As The Gentleman’s Closet, we have opened our doors and services at Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors on Orford Road in Walthamstow Village.

The closet will hang heritage gentleman’s wear such as classic tweed jackets, 1950’s and 60’s bespoke two piece suits, one-off wool trousers plus shirts, waistcoats as well as overcoats to match.  Accessories include braces, shoes, hats, 1930’s silk bow ties, hankies and ties.

Further services include evening-wear hire, gentleman’s fashion styling plus personal vintage shopping services.

The high standard gentleman’s living concept is further complimented by SABEL Saddlery’s range of classic men’s leather products. Handmade, hand stitched, hand finished in England, her leather belts, organisers and buttons will be available off the shelf and by order.

Auntie Maureen of Brown Paper Bag looks forward to seeing you in The Gentleman’s Closet at

34 Orford Road
Walthamstow Village
London E17 9NJ

For further information please ring Auntie Maureen on 07432-430386 or email