Welcome to Auntie MarureenWelcome to the home of Auntie Maureen

Here dwell the creative services Auntie has to offer.  Diverse, her art ranges from heritage performance, music and vintage DJ services to bespoke site- or project specific tailored events planning.  Devoted, her expertise drives the curating of a unique collection of classic design in menswear and handmade luxury lifestyle articles with related personal shopping or styling assistance while presiding over a specialist retail gallery space.Auntie Maureen takes pleasure in dedicating her ventures to times gone by to create an unforgettable experience steeped deeply in heritage, history, a touch of nostalgia.Committed to her clients she will strive for a warm, personal touch and a hot cup of tea. Once-in-a-lifetime wishes, a bespoke brief or individual requests are most welcome.  Please, just ask.To document wonderful tales of such cultural heritage Auntie keeps a ‘Dear Diary’.

Do subscribe in the near future to read regularly what other matters of a genteel and arty and musical nature tickle her fancy.Thank you for taking the time, the care to visit and regard what is altogether totally old hat!Yours sincerely,

Auntie Maureen






Image by Lizi Fleur Willis